Lunch break motivation on this Monday.

@papasonnieWitnessing the blood, tears and years it took for this to happen makes this purchase like a sweet victory. To say I’m proud would be an understatement. @jheneaiko”

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RIP Tupac Shakur

It’s finally here!!!! Even though I Pre-ordered on iTunes, I got the physical too. Had to show my support. I highly recommend this album to anyone. Trust me, it’s amazing. Wish I could share it with the world #ILoveHa #PhysicalCopy #BestAlbumOf2014 #SouledOut

REVOLT - Jhené Aiko: Behind The Seen

Dreams aren’t always what they seem .


self love is not synonymous with being selfish

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See what “The Pressure” is making Jhené Aiko feel, in her latest video.